Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Season of Rich Nourishment

Tables of food, hours of sharing of hearts,discussing of the Word, surprise guests and gifts--these all served to be quite the distraction to blogging on any regular basis,it seems.
We are well and enjoying the more relaxed pace of the holiday season,nourishing our bodies and more importantly our souls with the blessings God has so generously given us.

Seasons of quiet can be so inspiring sometimes and preparation for times of days of much work,physically and spiritually. For these seasons I am thankful!

My children,are awake, having tea and listening to Pilgrim's Progress. They will have breakfast soon and tidy the kitchen. I need to get a load of laundry into the dryer shortly and decide on the course of the day. Seasoned venison is slowly baking in the oven,readying for a night of food and fellowship,New Year's Eve. May the Spirit of Prayer flow through our home,and yours also ,in these days of extra rest!
Celebrate His Love! Marcella

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