Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Bucket of homemade playdough

-or keeping a four year old busy! I keep striving for rhythm and organization in my days and the days of my children,particularly my third child.She keeps being at loose ends,this number three of mine. I don't want that to be her memory of her childhood and the only way to remedy it is to plan.
So, jumping in one day, I mixed up a large batch of this homemade playdough,stuck it in an ice cream pail and labeled it. And you may notice it's colored pink! There was one activity,ready to go. By default a small table just her size was moved out of our Learning room. And a tiny chair from the depths of a closet. They came into the already narrow aisle of my kitchen. But it was just right for her. Near Mommy. Imaginating. Perfect.
Today I typed up a list of ideas for her . Painting with my fancy watercolors,which she adores. Coloring(probably more pink cats,forthcoming),playdough of course, helping me cook a recipe, and perhaps working on a thinking skills workbook. Sometimes it really is about the details and the planning....
Now for our mother-daughter,morning reading time. The special storybook basket has already been conjured up in my imagination.....More details later!
And it looks like I'll have a few new and interesting book additions winging their way to my house soon-I won a giveaway for three books from Chronicle Books from none other than Scribbit of Wall Street Journal Fame! You can find Scribbit's blog on my sidebar. I'll try to get pics of the loot when it arrives.
May your day go well! Celebrate His Love!

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