Friday, December 5, 2008

The Learning Pursuits of a Seven Year Old Boy

Messing with his guitar....
Jess is my resident seven year old who probably knows more about our digital camera than I do. I cropped this picture he styled and lost some of the effect I think. At least it was appropriate subject matter. Ahem. We're still working on differentiating the finer details of that. He actually takes some pretty artistic pictures on occasion. Homeschooling gives him time to hone his photography skills which I find very practical:).

He checks the weather forecast daily on our homepage and that's opening new doors of knowledge for him also.

A 3D house design program his daddy bought for use on our computer has also piqued his interst and Ifind lots of houses on the computer screen nowadays.

And a book has opened the delight of a book series to him. None other than The Boxcar Children! The bookworm side of me wiggles in anticipation :) And Narnia is also a new interest. Hope my voice holds up!

And then there's chess. My mathaphobic brain tells me to stay out of this. Outsource little mother,outsource. And thankfully I've had no shortage of chess teachers generally.

And now the guitar. I think I can handle messing with the guitar. And fortunately,we are blessed with lots of guitar playing Christian "uncles". Maybe we can do this homeschooling thing afterall. Even with a time consuming one year old on the loose.:)

We love because He loves!

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