Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crafts and A Christmas Song

I'm almost done showing my stuff,I promise! Here's my popsicle stick tree,made on craft night at our community center.Origami was another choice,but what mother of four has the energy to learn origami folds in the evening,I ask???
Cinnamon dough ornaments-made at a craft night. They're lovely,but highly breakable. Ask me how I know.

And something I imagined in my head and created for our living room wall. This is a piece of art canvas painted with brown acrylic paint and left to dry. When it was dry I penciled on all the words,then went over the words with a fine brush and black acrylic paint. There would be far better quality brushes than what I used,but this still turned out half decent. And it's a craft that's quite easy on the pocketbook,especially when you nab a canvas at a good price.
And here's a Christmas song I really appreciate- It's About the Cross ,which School in Our Home has posted on her blog and I've also heard on the radio recently. Go here to listen-
Well,I have carrot cake and broccoli soup to take in to Lee's workplace today to share with the staff and then continue prepping for an adventure we Pilgrims are about to embark upon.Stay tuned!
Celebrate His Wondrous Love!

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