Friday, June 4, 2010

re: papermaking

dipping sections of screen into a bucket of slurryCovering the sections with plastic wrap....

rolling it out to a somewhat even level, heh...

here are some of the sheets drying in the sun

We used directions from this book, Earth Book for Kids.

To : Julia Charlotte,
Recently we tried our hand at papermaking. The results were lovely pieces of paper that are fun to use. We have seen seed embedded paper bookmarks that can be given as gifts.
We may try our hand at that next....!
During the process of papermaking it may seem a bit messy but it is really worth the energy expended! At least to me.
We enjoy making our own cards,probably quite ameturishly but at least we shoot for handmade, one (or two) of a kind cards.
I am thinking squares of homemade paper layered over natural looking cardstock could be quite lovely.
Also, maybe next time we could add bits of colored tissue paper to the slurry for a colorful effect?
What are your thoughts?

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