Monday, June 7, 2010

re: frugal but quality gifting

a mini purple quilt from a recent care package to my mom...thrifted in beautiful shape...
a quality mug I found on the free rack at a yard sale of quality items...

Gift giving is one of my love languages I think. Our family also has many gift giving occasions in our church family and our friends. Our gift giving budget is not equal to the amount of occasions if looked at from the typical American standard. And I refuse to give chintzy,trashy items that are almost surely doomed for the trash can. Soooo,what to do?

Well,I have a few tips.
When you find a good deal on an item you know would make a great gift for an upcoming gift occasion, try to purchase it and place it in your gift stash. In other words,think ahead to upcoming gifting needs.

Have a few nice emergency gifts on hand. (I feel pottery is lovely and lovely pieces can be found inexpensively at tag sales and thrift stores. Sometimes nice wooden pieces are found in these places also.)

Handknit, handmade, and lovely fabric bits can sometimes be found thrifted also.

Don't forget food! A couple large dark chocolate bars wrapped nicely make a quality but inexpensive gift. We sometimes find nice deals on these at bent and dent type stores. Or a jar of mixed dry beans, homecanned item with some raffia around the neck, a fruit basket or some gourmet tea or spice. Or a kit for pizza making, cookies etc.

Make freezer paper stenciled clothes, handmade clothes or items for the home etc.

A potted plant from the garden.
A vintage dish or game.
Know your recipient! This helps so much with gift giving.
PS: Don't forget coffee! Lee and I are usually happy with bags of coffee as gifts that support our sort of habit....I think there are others that would enjoy this too.
Well, there are some tips.
Just don't get me started on creative gift wrapping!

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The Benoit Family said...

Yes, coffee is great! Especially when it comes from somewhere south, like Costa Rica! :) Love you guys!