Tuesday, June 15, 2010

re: my bookshelf and a book giveaway

To: Julia Charlotte,
So last year I posted a picture of this bookshelf Lee made out of "rescued" pieces of lumber. I'd left it in its natural state and started loading it up.
Then around Christmas time last year as we prepared to move I decided it could stand some paint. Lee had paint that hadn't worked out for another project and so I used that. (redeemed paint?) It took more coats and time than I'd thought when I started! But when we moved into our new place it looked so nice,it was well worth it.
The bookshelf is in our diningroom along one wall, and gives the room a homey feel.
(The sign hanging on the bookshelf is a piece of our handmade paper and says "Sola Scriptura."
I will be posting a comment over on Crafty Crow in the book giveaway. It looks like a fine book and you might want to enter too! It could make a great addition to our bookshelves!

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