Sunday, June 6, 2010

re: embracing pain

(thistles, I routed from the yard a few weeks ago..)

To: Julia Charlotte,
I've been thinking about pain or rather painful things. I am one to look for good and beauty. I do not like the painful side of life.
But I am happy to find in myself a matured approach as I also spiritually grow.
My natural inclination is to flee, hide from the difficult, pretend it isn't there.

But God is good. He has taught and is teaching me to embrace pain, to roll it around in my hand, to have a good look, to carry a lesson away from it. My Heavenly Father has given me a great gift. He has given me freedom and is teaching me fearlessness. I can do all things with Him by my side.

In His Love and confidence,

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The Benoit Family said...

Great statement about pain at the end. That was a blessing sister.