Sunday, May 10, 2009

thank-you wherever you are

Just reflecting this Mother's Day on the mother who carried me in her womb. Who gave birth, in a hut, to a child she pronounced beautiful but knew she could not provide for properly.So she did one of the bravest things a mother can do-she gave me to a woman who could.

So today I call out into the universe and I say" thank-you,wherever you are. May God be with you."

And, I say to the one who is my "mommy" and a grade A Mom, whom I know where she is- Happy Mother's Day! Thank-you for being an instrument of God to me, for putting so much into me and helping me be who I am today.

And to all motherkind today- it's a good work we have. It is.

In His Love,

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Lilly-lu said...

What a beautiful thing to say.

So sweet of you to honour your birth mother and your real mom, the one that did all the every day things we mums do.

You seem like a lovely daughter and one to be proud of.

Blees you x