Saturday, May 16, 2009

the breakfast club

homemade muffins and juice
a breakfast burrito in the making..

big and little,we gather round...

The mama breakfast club came about very organically. Lee and I attend a church a few minutes from our home that's inspired by the early churches. We come from all walks of life,and all stages. From folks struggling with homelessness to college professors and lots in between, we come. And from this growing gathering of people the mamas started to connect. And want to spend time together. So we eat breakfast together. (We meet up for plenty of other things too,but the breakfast group is the anchoring point,so to speak.) And we hash things out. Often in little snatches,here and there. We ask each other's opinions. We inspire one another. We are becoming family. These breakfast club people-I love them!
I now retire as the breakfast club people have also gifted me a nasty stomach virus. It's ok. I can handle the tough times too. Real life.
In His Love,

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