Saturday, January 24, 2009

Peeking Out....

Well,Pilgrim Mama remains devoted to keeping the content on this site fairly interesting,so therefore Pilgrim Mama excuses herself from posting,saying that she does not feel like composing an interesting post and besides she feels like babies with fevers and puking and the "runs" and the ensuing days days of lost time and energy are not of great interest.

Neither are the ticket receipt she lost for a family member(not the Pilgrim Papa,lest he see this and worry!) or the details of getting a lease to go through.Of course these are somewhat lame excuses because of course noteworthy things happened in between all these events and so on and so forth but of course to start telling about that would illuminate the possibility that the Pilgrim Mama may be a tad bit lazy?

Soooooo, she therefore waves at you from behind the stacks of things and packing boxes and offers a tidbit: The lease did go through and she will show you pictures of the happy abode as soon as decently possible.

Well,it's official. After almost a year and a half of living in with family,ever since we returned from Latin America,we have finally gotten our own place! This time of sharing space,literally and figuratively,has definitely been a real growing experience for me. God used it to show me areas of weakness that were in need of change. He used it to teach me new things and mature me. He taught me that it's not all about me,but about Him and walking obediently in whatever assignments He gives me,even when I don't understand why. He taught me that He's willing to give me tough love when it's necessary for my growth as His daughter. And in the end,even I can see and reap the benefits! Thank-you,Abba Father, for loving me enough to march me through the not so easy tasks! All glory goes to you!

So I leave you to try to puzzle through my packing.When it gets too overwhelming I eat a pop tart or candy and lie down for a nap. All in the hopes that it might help me to think better.... I know. Oh,wait! I forgot something! is a testimony of how God starts giving glimpses of Himself to the people He creates. is where you can get some great menu planning tutoring if you missed out on it with your maternal family members. It feels like a Mom,sitting down and helping you out,it does. A compliment to Meredith from for leading the way to this page.

And with that I close,wishing you all a good day! Celebrate His Love!


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