Monday, January 26, 2009

Worship Notes In the Morning

"Even though the journey's long,and I know the road is hard.Well the one who's gone before me,He will help me carry on.And after all that I've been through,now I realize the truth that I must go through the valleyto stand upon the Mountain of God." Mountain of God, Brown Bannister,Mac Powell
This song was sweet to me this morning ,hope it's inspiring to someone else out there also.

Lee goes to an early morning prayer time on Mondays and he just called to tell me Psalm 25 spoke to him especially .

So these are some spiritual morsels I share with you today....

On a different note, moving is surprisingly jarring-we seem to be having a hard time tearing ourselves away from our old house. It seems like it takes a bit of courage to step out for the first time in so long, and have our own place again, here in the USA. Actually, we've never had a long term home of our own in the States during the span of our marriage. So,yes,it's a small move,but a big step!

Well,I have many tasks calling my name so here I go!
Celebrate His Love!

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