Monday, January 12, 2009


Yah. We watched it at a local worship center's free showing. One thing I'll say without having had a lot of time to process it is that it's totally amazing this made it into mainstream theaters.
One of the best points of the movie in my book was that love and marriage aren't just about warm fuzzies and "feelings". True love serves and loves their partner even in the rough times when mere feelings are nonexistent.True love goes way beyond romantic feelings. It's deep.It's commited. Jesus changes us into truly good lovers,giving us servant hearts to even our spouses.
Sometimes it seems to me we hold our spouses to higher standards than anyone else in the world.For various reasons. And only spouses have quite the power to wound one another deeply,knowing each other better than any other person on earth. Oh,to have the wounds few and Love in abundance!
Well,I'm practically falling asleep at the keyboard and there's homemade bread to place in bags,a bit of laundry to fold,a feverish baby to check on and little boys who want Mama to snuggle please. On a happy homeschooling note I have two young men who truly started sounding out and spelling words for fun today! Yay and double Yay! There are no formal spelling lessons going on either.Maybe some of this "rich enviroment" stuff is paying off???
And for the knitters-I have a knitting help site up on my sidebar.Take a peek,novices especially!
Celebrate His Love!

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Tressa & Mark said...

Our church is hosting a viewing of this film. I'm looking forward to seeing it.