Saturday, January 10, 2009

Decoupaged Suitcase and Book piles

The book piles have kept us occupied these winter days. How we enjoy all our local,used book sources.One little shop has piles of books for ten cents a piece. Now that's affordable! A copy of Stone Fox for a dime? I'll take it. Of course some of our purchases don't make the cut-they make the trash bin.What you see are the keepers. That's ok,for a dime I'll take my chances.
The vintage suitcase in the background was found in the back of a thrift shop and decoupaged by yours truly. This is my 6 and 7 year old sons' Go Box. It has things like mini pens,crayons,colored pencils,paper,probably some little cars,basically anything we want to keep there so we can have a bag to throw in the car and go! The Go Box accompanied us to Texas recently and was a very nifty thing indeed. A shout out to Blue Yonder for the great idea and Meg for the decoupage inspiration.You'll find Meg linked at Blue Yonder with much more inventive ideas than mine! has a very interesting maternity t-shirt-why am I looking at these right now anyway? But....I think this will be in my wardrobe next time around!
We have been busy on many fronts. Lee is happy I'm so much on the same page with being organized and having systems.Tis becoming a way of life. Which ,as I type ,I realize is God's faithful answer to prayer. For this I prayed,because with my own strength I was struggling so much in this area. And when I am organized I am a more patient Mama,more attentive,Ready. Calmer to meet the Important things in my children's lives. A better example. More Diligent.
While organization is a good thing it can become a bit,er, obsessive. Ahem. Seeking the balance.
And with this I leave you,good friends. Off to do the weekly shopping with four littles in tow. Highly interesting,let me tell you.Bye!
Celebrate His Love,

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