Friday, July 22, 2011

settling in and coming back!

We have been doing a whole,whole lot of settling back in.
To our regular routine,to being on a gentler rhythm than we have been in a long time because of preparing for Lee to travel(him working long hours), him leaving and us helping out at his job where we could, then the wildness surrounding his return, which is too exhausting to write about at present, except to say that it involved illness, long trips, and me getting stranded far from home.

This week,when it finally looked like a return to normalcy was possible, a heat wave struck, leaving me rather blown away by our unairconditioned upper apartment. Think warm,dry air or sticky heat enveloping the home=not conducive to Productivity.

Then the gas tanks went dry on me. Wow.
No way of cooking either.
More scenarios too complicated and exhausting to write about.

Anywhoo, all this to say, posting on my ol' blog has not been a priority!

But I feel myself coming back.... I may be back to writing and feeling myself soon! Yay!


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