Tuesday, July 26, 2011

an adventure in the forest

Yesterday we went on an adventure to the forest.

We went in a caravan of friends.

  • It went something like this.
  • Arrive,get everyone settled by the water.
  • Gather food around the fire pit.
  • Children,(guess what?) start feeling hungry.
  • Feed children p,b and j or pb and "honey"sandwiches. Or hardboiled eggs, or pesto and tomato sandwiches etc.Share food all around.
  • Play in water some more.
  • Heat rice dish over fire.
  • eat some more
  • children play around and babies are snuggled into the double stroller for naps
  • Go walking to pick berries.
  • Try to keep small people out of poison ivy while picking berries.
  • Berries are abundant!
  • Get POURED on and everyone is all wet and cold.
  • Remember campsite has food and picnic blankets and all kinds of stuff all out and getting wet!
  • go back to camp and clean,clean,clean! Feed people again!
  • play in water a bit more and help small people with bathroom needs
  • pack up cars and grownups eat dark chocolate for sustenance
  • little ones eat fruit leathers and bars and eventually fall asleep
  • my pal and I listen to Raffi and search out "Baby Beluga" and sing it together.We are such moms!
  • Get home. Boys rush to get ready for an outing with neighbor and Chelsea has come down with a fever.
  • Good,good times!
Now to wash all that wet clothing today!

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