Thursday, January 6, 2011

talking about exercise and color..

I just got back from a couple hours by myself, which involved some fast walking, stopping at the thrift shop (we all know it's really called a store)  but I can call it a shop, and running into the store store for Important Stuff like stain remover and rubber bands.
I bought 2 exercise videos  at the thrift shop. I might have a real Collection soon....

Squirrel girl and I have been doing kid yoga in the evenings. She's way more flexible than me.
I am pleased to say my bathroom shelf is finished. It is now the color plum. Today I picked up orange Q-tips to put in a glass jar that will set on my plum shelf. I am gleeful. Might I actually beat these cold, grayer days?
Well,Squirrelgirl is fairly squirrely these days and wants lunch. (I wish I could get rid of the leftover Christmas sweets as fast as possible.)  So, adieu!
                                                                    Energetic and busy,

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