Tuesday, January 11, 2011

simplicity,redemption and serving others and what do they have in common?

I have a feeling that this post could be difficult to pull together in a coherent way. But the day has wound down, the children have had thier bedtime rituals performed and here I sit holding my cup of orange tea laced with honey.
Iwas thinking about all the ways I keep seeing that I am able to help serve my fellowhumans and how this knowledge keeps pulling me toward a simpler way of life. Simplicity  intertwined with the beauty of serving others in the name of my Master fills my soul with joy.
I like to think that this simple yet abundant joy emanates from the homes of those who are filled with this spirit.
And then what can seem somewhat less simple as I keep asking myself how we can simplify in order to to have more time for service is how to fit in the sweat and elbow grease required sometimes to redeem objects that many would cast off as garbage. And yet it often seems to fit in somewhere with a redemptive outlook on life, the stewarding of what is already, if possible, rather than waste and running to aquire something new. But this doesn't always seem simple...
Ok,here's the gist. I am sorting and sorting and embracing the experience.
Anyway, incohesive as this piece is, know that I keep seeing brilliant pieces of beauty bursting out of it, the wonder of love amidst the broken places of this world.
And I know this love will live both here and forever Beyond!

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