Wednesday, January 26, 2011

learning amidst it all

I can say that this New Year has been mostly issues with sicknesses of one kind or another. Just now it's sinus issues.
Lee recently broke a sinus infection with really spicy Thai food.

He says he will get me some if I'm still sick by the weekend. I do not want to be sick on the weekend.
So I have been sleeping in because of low energy. The children have been getting up to play school in the livingroom. They're quite peaceful and really practicing great skills which is a major plus ( instead of wrestling,ugh) so I feel a bit better about the lost morning time while I'm resting late...
This morning we all hung out and wrote letters at the dining room table. I found a pack of varied stationary while I was thrifting the other day and set that out, as well as our rainbow mug with writing implements in it. And I started writing myself and announced we'd be writing to a penpal today. And they all gathered 'round!
Actually, playing school all started with a pack of chalk I picked up the other day, intending to use in my sewing suitcase. Well, some of it got into the hands of the small people and much "school" play has happened.

We had company over last night so I am slowly working on the left dishes right now. Jess is feeling sick so he is in his room, listening to music and resting. Alex is sewing some project he dreamed up in his head and the girls are playing around and now watching a movie.
There's a wierd rain falling, looks suspiciously like freezing rain. The house is cozy and Lee just brought us a bunch of yogurt.
I thinkI shall finish my tea and resume some household puttering...
                                                                  ~         happiness,

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The Benoit Family said...

Ah! An excuse for Thai food! I am starting with some sinus issues and now I know a potential cure; spicy food!

Always enjoy the blog sister.