Saturday, December 25, 2010

re: a joyous holiday to all

Dear Julia Charlotte,
           Christmas morning here! The living room is cozy and twinkly lights are all around. The tree has a moderate little pile of surprises under it. And it's softly snowing outside. Amazing to have it snow on exactly this day in our part of the world where snowfall can be erratic!

Last night we carried on our new tradition of reading stories of the manger scene etc. before bed. Our pastor and his daughters brought us a basketfull of treats as we were reading. So sweet!

I made blueberry banana pancakes topped with Cool Whip and served up chocolate milk with new snowman straws.
A breakfast for dinner tradition could happen maybe. Or maybe we will just see what God provides!
This year we were brought the pancake batter and given some of the other food items on our dinner table.
I must say that as Lee and I have been working ever closer toward being footloose and debt-free  I often thank God for all the providential ways we have been provided for even when we have had very little extra from a logic point of view. What could seem like random happenings to some I call occasions to thank God for all our needs being met!
God is good!    Have a joyous holiday!
                                                                                                            Somewhat Sleep Deprived,

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