Thursday, December 9, 2010

re: journaling about my kitchen corner

So today I am cleaning out My Kitchen Corner of shame. I am trying lots of tactics to get away from this but the organized part of my personality is not having it!
I have now made a pile to go into a Things to Do basket, a pile for all things Letter writing and Thank-you note related and lots of things to be hauled to their actual spots of residence.
Things like a dvd about swamp tigers without the case, a lot of lists( I am a Listmaker) ,a little book with the lyrics to the Jungle Book movie's songs, recipes, flashcards and a new CD. And birthday money and gift certificates. And an abandoned thank-you note project. And more...

But now I have a plan of attack!  To:do projects get their own basket in a less visible spot. Letterwriting basket-ditto!  I must not let my tiny amount of counter space get overrun like this again!
I tell myself I am still digging out from the craziness of a vow renewal ceremony and planning, honeymoon, farming children out, four birthdays in two months kind of Autumn.
Fortunately for us the Christmas is a laidback season as far as gift giving pressure. Thankfully!
I hope to make cookie or some such thing plates for the neighbors and keep the focus on serving others. We have been going to midnight services every Saturday night this month which the little people sorta dig....
 So we will try to stay calm and keep things simple and our countertops under control,yep!
Last but not least it is really cold nowadays. We got some snow and the weather is cold. Like 11 degrees F cold!
                                                                                                                   The Cleaning Lady,

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