Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from our family to Yours!!

Happy,Happy New Year's from our home and family to yours! May 2011 be filled with the knowlege of the heart of our Lord and Saviour in your home!

Our year was extraordinarily full and many blessings came our way. We await all the lessons and spiritual gifts our Heavenly Father has for us in this new year.
2010 was our year to learn camping as a family, settle into a new house, renew our wedding vows and observe our 10th anniversary, travel and learn a lot of things along the way.
I have little idea but some inklings of what this new year might hold. I know that whatever it holds in store that with our All-Powerful God beside us it will all be ok.
                                                                             Prayers,Joy and Love in Christ,

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