Thursday, April 16, 2009

vinegar and paper clips

tray of equipment for this paper clip craft-link down below. Materials: large paper clips,airdrying paper clay(I think any kind of air drying clay would probably work) small rubber stamps.Paints for use when craft is complete.
A finished specimen..

A box of wooden stamps I found while yardsaling. Best of all, they were thrown in free:) The small stamps work perfectly.

The backs claim these stamps were made in India-well,at least some of them say so.

A random shot Jess took.

My morning tea....look under the vinegar notes for the paper clip craft link. My post got scrambled!
Random notes-there was ice on the van this morning. And I have an unusual stiff neck.Blah!

There is a must read list of ways to use vinegar up at the Simple Green Frugal blog! Here-

And here's the paper clip craft link to go with today's pictures-
Happy crafting! I think these would make nice gifts if they were put in a little tin and given along with a book as bookmarks.
In Him,

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