Friday, April 10, 2009

the bookshelf and a peek at the contents

Bookshelves are a staple piece of furniture,aren't they? Well,at least to certain odd people such as myself... As a child I organized my books along a wide beam near the ceiling of my bedroom. I also had a more conventional shelf in one corner of it. As a child I also thought being a prisoner in a bathroom size room wouldn't be so bad as long as that room was filled with books.So,maybe it is no surprise that I still like to have a bookshelf wherever my pilgrim feet wander. It can get hard to be a pilgrim that totes heavy boxes and suitcases full of books over land and sea. Could it be that pilgrims weren't meant to collect books? I'm still pondering that one and actually the whole relation of books to the Christian pilgrim.
In my defense,I have gotten rid of many books over two international moves. This last time I didn't stress about rebuilding my collection. I figured the library has them to borrow for free! So could someone please tell me how that can be be my patially loaded bookshelf above?
And isn't it sweet that with all Lee has suffered at my hands over books, that he built me this large bookshelf complete with a section for a miniature nature museum? (That's what that shelf is with all the sections.) Longsuffering personified would be my dear husband crafting this shelf....!

And here's a close-up of three new books, which are a giveaway prize from the acclaimed Scribbit's blog! This was a win from the week of giveaways last December, I think. There was a glitch in its arriving but Scribbit was ever so helpful and we finally received the happy package. Scribbit was even so humble as to help a lowly blogger as myself with her thoughts on certain aspects of blogging. And since,Lee would like to visit Alaska,maybe I'll even meet her one day... or at least her most interesting state!

A close-up of the Worst case Scenario handbook which Jess thinks is super interesting.And since super reader to him is me I can now give you advice on many strange things. Feel free to write and ask away.I am now well informed.(Stroking helps when you've been cornered by a gorilla.He'll probably take it as a submissive gesture.)
In Him,

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Scribbit said...

Glad to see they're finally in your hands :) Glad Jess liked it.