Thursday, November 6, 2008

Paper Bag Breakfasts

Brainstorming while responding to my children's pleas the other morning to eat breakfast outside,I thought of sandwiches wrapped in wax paper.Which led me to think of egg salad sandwiches. I needed a breakfast idea after all. Then, I thought about paper bags at some point in the game.And the whole paper bag breakfast menu kind of just fell together.
The Garfield bags happened to be a yard sale find I had around the kitchen. Homemade bread with egg salad made up the sandwiches,which were wrapped in wax paper(wax paper can be so useful), napkin, disposable spoon, each a pack of leftover holiday candy and individual applesauce packs which were purchased for pennies at the scratch and dent type grocery store.
Actual price-quite cheap. Memory value-priceless. My little people carried them off to the storage shed(really a rocket ship) and flew to the moon. Bon voyage!

And one more tidbit- a longlasting craft to do with the young people in your house:
Celebrate Love!

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The Benoit Family said...

I don't think that a day doesn't go by with out thinking of you all and missing you horribly. This picture is simply beautiful and I can't get over how light the baby has gotten. Please know that you are all in our prayers.