Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Over Tea,Cookies and in Many Places...

My new favorite mug-recently discovered in the thrift-treasure shop. Can you guess why?

North Carolina this weekend. Lots of lovely fellowship was had by all and we even made new friends!

Lovely cookies brought by a friend I was babysitting for.

I've been realizing how many of my days have opportunities in them to sit over a craft or tea(or cookies) or so very many other things and share hearts with people. In faraway places or near, people have stories to tell and I am blessed to be able to listen, find nuggets of wisdom,share my own heart and experiences and be enriched. This is better than riches, people! Material riches have no warmth and no soul, no beating heart, no eyes filled with untold history. Yes, this is a rich life I live!
This morning is so lovely,with the children all fed,the kitchen tidied up, my small helpers done washing most of the dishes and ingredients ready to make a nice crockpot soup. I am peacefully drinking my tea and pondering what project to put the boys to. Chelsea is busy watching a video on elephants in between brushing my hair. Ahhh! Being a mom is good!
Celebrate God's Love and Blessings!

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