Monday, November 17, 2008

Anniversary Love All Year Long

I found this old photo in the picture files this morning and it went perfectly with my theme.Even though the picture is a couple years old!
I'm not one who considers myself any kind of expert in marital advice.I guess I feel that those of us that have been married less than ten years are still very much beginners. But with eight years of marriage behind me and working on the ninth one I feel qualified to say at least one thing. Marriage takes work.And a happy,thriving marriage takes quite a bit of work and sacrifice.
But girlfriends,I give thee some hints.It seems like it's those little things that work to make a stunning, whole picture. A marriage that is amazing. Remembering to wash that coat without being asked. Being ready to leave the house on time when going out. And here's a new little way I love Lee. Cards. For no reason. Except loving him. He loves it!
It doesn't have to be expensive. It could be a free e-card. Or one of those 2 for a dollar Husband cards. Or it can be an expensive, beautiful card with a picture of his feet and her feet side by side and a perfect message.It can be almost anything. Just don't forget to tell him he's your best boyfriend. Amazing what that does for a guy! Try it sometime. But it has to be just because.
And there you have it. Anniversary style loving all year long!
Celebrate Love!

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