Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Trip-Part Two

A Costa Rican bank....
Jess under a leaf while visiting a volcano.

Lee with a big leaf we found on the farm.

Playing in the River.

Seasoned travelers....
Lee and Jess are still out tonight,returning from a trip to beaches and to a remote part of Costa Rica. I am so glad Jess is getting this chance to be with his Dad and get an educational trip of a lifetime. One for the portfolio all right!

The little ones and I hung out at the farm this weekend. I made squash soup,vegetable curry,cheese stuffed bread rounds with the queso fresco they make here and helped keep everyone fed and clean.It's hot and sticky-next up on the recipes to be tried is a raw milk or cream ice cream I think.
I am getting some reading in too and poking around in some stuff I left here when we moved.
Dentist is on the list too -not so fun!
Well,got to go! Hasta Luego! Marcella

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We love and miss you.....but enjoy!