Friday, July 11, 2008

Eating Summer squash in a New Way .....

There's a lot going on here at present but here are a few things I really wanted to share....

Even in all my busyness these days I am quite excited about a new site I found called Passionate Homemaking ,especially for what look like "doable" healthy recipes. And there just may be some Nourishing Traditions recipes simplified which is a good thing for people like me! I enjoy looking at the Nourishing Traditions cookbook but feel overwhelmed with implementing it in my family's kitchen!

Wrenbird is teething bigtime. There's a stomach flu making it's rounds and people are dropping like flies as it hits. And one,as yet undisclosed,"project" we are in the process of embarking on as a family. Need I say more??

From the kitchen: hmmmnn...I have invented a" recipe" for eating summer squash besides all the usual ones I know. I grate the summer squash,add an egg or two,a couple tablespoons of flour,ricotta cheese to my taste,salt to "taste" and fresh basil. I proceed to make fry these and like to enjoy them as a vegetarian "burger". Heh,vegetarian summer squash burgers! Funny.
I am also pondering couscous these days. I was given some boxes of it and put it on the menu this week in an attempt to clean it out of my cupboard. Then this week I had a couple of dollars of mad money I was spending at the thrift store.(Yes,it can be very interesting to see what neat things one can snag with just a dollar or two.This is a little game of mine.I know,I'm strange.)Anyway,back to the couscous. I found one of those beautiful little calendars with quotes that are made to reuse. This one is called The Heart of The Home,A Kitchen Collection.Anyway,when I was setting it up, what should I find but suggestions on how to use couscous! A new idea I learned was that couscous can be sweetened and accompanied with fruit.I look forward to experimenting with this.

From the bookshelf: I picked up a paperback for 50 cents titled "to die for" by Carol Lee. A Bestseller,and nonfiction it's about a young woman suffering from anorexia,primarily,and the woman who was her mentor.

Under my bed: Ghiradelli Bittersweet Baking Chips.

Music: He Lives as in "I serve a risen Savior"

Well,that's about it for the day! May it be well with you,in body and soul.


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