Sunday, July 6, 2008

Creative uses for Overgrown Zucchini

Here's a fun use for those humongo zucchinis that may be plaguing you right now.

Take large zucchinis. Get out an assortment of Mr. Potato Head parts (we had lots of pieces because we had a Mr. Potato type kit to use with clay) and start playing. If in need of extra eyeballs I think balls of clay stuck on toothpicks would probably work.

Or one could draw body parts and tape them onto the zucchini.

My boys felt like zucchini carving was in order. Mothers,use discernment when your offspring get this urge. Proceed at your own risk. Just saying....

And if you catch them before they're toooo large--

There's always zucchini bread with chocolate chips in it or zucchini cheese casserole.See,zucchini's not so boring! It can even make a great pizza topping when sauted with onions. Be bored no more!


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