Thursday, October 6, 2011

they're heading off...

Well,it's happened. I always thought it would happen. I planned for it.
But still I'm not sure I'm ready for it.

Jess is reading chapter books!
He's off exploring in the world of the printed page without me!

Heretofore I have always accompanied him.
Now he's gone alone.
Getting ideas,learning stuff without me.
It may seem overly dramatic but this feels BIG.

Alex came back from his second outing to a farm this week. His enduring interest these days is in being a farmer. Next week he is scheduled to go on a field trip to yet another farm.
There he goes, pursuing valuable lessons, gleaning information as he walks the road of Life. The life that I will most likely not always be around to be involved in or see. Wow!

And while independence is still a long way off, I feel the ebb and flow of Waves pulling away from shore. Lord willing, the waves that pull these beautiful sons keep bringing them back in to see me often...


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