Wednesday, October 19, 2011

rummagings and good finds in the paperless journals..

This week has been busy. I am trying to catch myself when I'm being a "Martha" instead of a "Mary". I'm scribbling in my paper journal instead of here. Talking my way through the bugs in my schedule, searching for any wrong paradigms that might be present.
But tonight I was digging through the online journal of a lady who has some valuable lessons she's learned,learning and sharing with the rest of us.

Look for the "Put the phone down and no one will get hurt" graphic on the linked page and read the accompanying post.

The concerns she has are so similar to my own. Because of these concerns I am here on these pages only when I choose to be. (At least generally speaking..) Face time with real humans,especially with those in our own households is invaluable.

No blog of mine should come in at first place for my time...
Go read!


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