Thursday, August 25, 2011

the hostess with the "leastest"?

So,I have a question.
In this country where many of us reside,we seem to have this thing. This thing that our culture grooms,ads and magazines reinforce and of course "The Liar" loves to bring to our attention.

About how more is better,bigger is better etc. etc.More stuff=happiness.

I deeply believe our culture could be so much happier if we'd quit buying into The Lie. Literally buying into it. But maybe that revelation is for the Spirit to reveal alone. I'm not perfect,far from it. But on a very daily level Lee and I have learned so much about simplicity. Living in Central America on a teeny budget, living in shared spaces, living in housing that was not ideal, having large bills to pay have been wonderful tools in shaping the new lifestyle that's emerging for our family.
Less is often More.
Less toys available on a regular basis,making us all frustrated with trying to tidy,thus More Time.
Less furniture means having More available Space thus meaning we don't need as large of a home.

Less books of poor quality=More Shelving for quality pieces.

The list goes on.

What if?
What if instead of competing for "the mostest" our country or we as individuals would compete for the "leastest"?
How would life look for many of us then?

I don't think I've had a chance to cover all the questions saying something like this might generate nor do I have time to cover them this morning but wanted to throw this thought out before I forget.

(this post inspired by ongoing "home editing" around here.)


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