Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So.. yesterday the largest earthquake in over a century hit Virginia,at least so was reported in one article I read this morning.

I felt its effects quite strongly as I sat at my oversized desk working on our computer. I tried to figure out what was going on, calling to the children,trying to find out whether they were doing some activity that was shaking the house, whether our downstairs neighbors were up to something,what could be up?

After a bit I gave up trying to determine the cause of the mysterious shaking.
But then, unusually for me, I had the Yahoo news page open as I had been doing some research for a project of Alex's and traveled through that particular page.
And what do you know?  The headline "Breaking News" was there!  About the earthquake that had hit VA!

I was pretty excited, as I'd experienced earthquake tremors in Central America but I think I'd thought of that and just passed it off as "no way,this is Virginia" in my head.

Anywhooo, the excitement of the day! And thankfully not many serious injuries or anything.

Well, should go and keep rolling for the day! Yet another dentist appointment on the agenda,this time for Alex. Too many of those this year.....

Happy Wednesday!


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