Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Still no baby...

Still no baby...let's change the subject! I plan to continue using the psuedonyms from my former blog on Pilgrims Passing Through.I'll reintroduce them for those of you who weren't readers.Lee-husband,Jess,our oldest son, Alex,middle son and Chelsea,so far the only girl of the family.These are all forms of thier names but it bugs me to have all their real names out there for anyone to easily identify them with so thanks for bearing with me!
It looks like it will be a quiet Thanksgiving Day for our family.We had invitations in two different states this year but with a baby that may arrive any day it certainly cut that out of the picture!I think we will have some special out of state visitors in the following days though,so that will be nice.I found a beautiful Thanksgiving prayer that I plan on making a motto wall hanging with and other than that I'm guessing we really won't do much traditional.
Yesterday,Jess and Alex helped their daddy at his work site.He's preparing to lay tile and they helped prepare the worksite.
I got some last errands done,at least I hope they are last errands before the baby comes. Today,I hope to do last minute jobs:)! Here's hoping! Marcella

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