Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Greetings Friends!

I'm back! You're here! Welcome to my new blog and may we all profit by this web home. My,so much has happened since I last had a blog!I can hardly attempt to summarize it all so maybe I'll start with the here and now and backtrack as desired.That said,I greet you from beautiful Virginia,where our family now resides.Yes,it's a long way from Costa Rica for those of you who knew where we lived last,but that's what Pilgrims do a lot of!Our Heavenly Father always knows best,even when the paths He chooses for us are mysterious at times!
Our family is eagerly awaiting little blessing number four any day now and we hope to keep you posted via this blog.We can hardly hope to keep everyone updated properly otherwise!To those who keep asking,no the baby has not arrived yet. All I can say is that they say watched pots don't boil,so maybe too many of you are watching!
The children are growing and well,all of them. I'll try to update in another post.Ditto for the husband and father of Pilgrim family as I will refer to us in this blog. For now,the night is short enough without doing too much wrestling with a new blog. Ciao!

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