Sunday, February 26, 2012

an apology and some news in red..

dear whoever you are:)
sorry about the missed Feb. 14th post. I think it will be here soon....

So I just about burned my egg/feta cheese concoction that I had in the skillet. The reason the feta is in the scrambled eggs?
Well, I caught our cat with his head in the cheese container and no,I don't take cat saliva lightly.

today i went to the Wal-marts which i rarely do. and get this -my idea of doing something out of my routine was going there and using coupons i actually went to the effort of clipping out. i know-how unexciting. splurged and bought dryer sheets. my dryer was stinky. man,the front hall smells awesome!

i think i may be the happy co-owner of a camera again-it's been a while! that could put the excitement back in blogging...

Lee and the boys were on an excursion today so the girls and I hung out,went shopping, ate roast beef sandwiches off the dollar menu and bought a small box of popsicles which equals Special Treats in our house.

So I am packing and attempting to clean. I think we have about one more month in our gritty, urban neighborhood.

Yes, We Are Moving!
I would appreciate your prayers:)


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