Sunday, August 22, 2010

re: thoughts on summer's end

~pictures of a wedding reception my dear friend and I were in charge of decorating and setting up for~

To: Julia Charlotte,
I have to confess I have been journaling a lot more privately and so I've neglected this little blog a bit. Life has been full too and it can be hard to find the energy to write besides.
I have had the delight to help with some weddings etc. this year and it definitely has made for a busy year. We also had a big family reunion which called for a trip to New York state.

Now we are trying to empty our plates of too many obligations, digging into homeschooling, and gearing up for Lee's and my 10th wedding anniversary celebration!

As August winds quickly to an end, I feel like the summer passed quickly and was full of a lot of personal learning and growth and I am looking forward to so much more!

May your Sunday be full of love and inspiration.


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