Saturday, May 29, 2010

re:good mail and busy times...

To: Julia Charlotte,
My absence has a lot to do with this type of mail (invitations and the like) arriving at our house and eating up spare time, and also the fact that I thought my camera had gone AWOL (I found it yesterday in its case..the orderly thing!) and not having my camera discourages me from blogging. So, all that to say, I was gone and have now returned!

The resident five year old and yours truly were deeply involved in a wedding recently of good friends and new fellow house mates! On return from their honeymoon they will reside on the bottom floor of our big old house...!

There have been so many photo worthy moments in the last couple weeks that went uncaptured but are commited to memory. It is well.

(Some flowergirl shots should be forthcoming though...)

My small Squirrel has been spending a lot of time in the restroom with me as she endures "the runs" . Lots of sweet family moments these days! And not just while doing potty duty!

And we are almost finished with the laundry backlog of attending an out of state wedding and camping adventures two weeks in a row.
Now if we could only get those tents back in their proper places ........

Until next time,which should be very soon!

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