Wednesday, November 18, 2009

by the way,she's five!

I can so remember myself at five,with my secret dreamworlds,my opinions,and the loss of innocence in the breaking up of a family and my home as I knew it.I think I even still loved a teddy bear. I survived seperation from my mother who was dearest to my heart,scary nights in a lonely,upstairs bedroom as I hid under my blankets from peeking vampires,moves,long days of work,stacks of books,(shoot ! even what basically amounted to an arranged marriage!),and look at what my Father had in mind as the threads of my life were woven!This soul is very dear to my heart and Lord willing we'll fight them vampires together! (Actually, maybe she sleeps in my bed so much already that she has no fear of vampires...?)
entertainment for her tea party...

how can she be so calm?

There she blows!!
T'was a lovely tea. Aunt S made the long trek and friends of Chelsea's,little and big, made shorter treks to our door,some in quite the regalia. Handmade gifts abounded and it all came together for a special night!
In Him,

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