Friday, August 1, 2008

Costa Rica Trip-part four

Having coffee with a Tico family....
A Costa Rican tot....

Stitching on paper during rainy days...

Building a "raft"...

Playing in the ocean.
Funky computer service keeps my blogging to a minimum along with lots to get done in the line of dental work. In spite of it all I managed to get some pictures here and there.
So much is happening it's hard to know where to start.Living in a foreign country makes for so much story material.... Which story to tell? The one where I get stranded on the bus,making a two hour trip into three?
The one where the wrinkly older crossing gaurd helps me across a busy,busy street calling me "munecita"(little doll)?
Do I write about the humidity,heat or dampness of my blankets during days of rain?
Or perhaps about all my son's adventures exploring Costa Rica.
Maybe about the "pati" I ate yesterday? No! No! Make that the squashed flat gecko I cleaned off the floor this morning!
And all the spiritual richness and revelation from God during this time would fill pages! Maybe this is mostly to say I don't have time to write a book just now.Hopefully it's true that pictures are worth a million words!
Hasta Luego! Marcella

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